Caldari Bureau of Logistics [CBOL]

Caldari Bureau of Logistics

Headquarters: Hageken V - Moon 2 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant

CEO: Brianith Kingsbury

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About this Website

This site is designed to integrate consistently with the EVE in-game user interface and is tested frequently on EVE's in-game web browser. Its template is intended to remain small and efficient so as to remain convenient to keep open while playing EVE. This also serves the purpose of helping the site remain efficient to use on mobile browsers.


As this site is developed, tools will be added that will greatly benefit EVE players. Requests for tools or features may be sent to Donations are greatly appreciated either in the form of Bitcoin (BTC) at the following address:
15wzyyGCVzToBH5mZuBy3rD3xfShGFQTv2, or ISK to Brianith Kingsbury in-game.